Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition

I'm excited to announce the 7th edition of my coding standards book for Microsoft .NET! This book is a compilation of common Microsoft .NET coding standards in use today. In the past, for languages like Visual Basic, Microsoft published coding standards in a single document that developers could follow or use as a basis to … Continue reading Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition

The Adventures of Inspector Cody: The Week from Hell and the Tale of Project Management Gone Wrong

It was a crisp spring morning in the city of Codeopolis and at Mernational Inc., a large technology company, the managers are discussing why they are losing their customer base for their software product called Overhaul Center. This software enterprise system is designed to help repair shops for flying vehicles manage the process of getting repaired so they can get back into service as fast as possible. This is a story based on true events.

Coding Faster with Spargine 6: November 2022 Release

I am pleased to announce the new release (v2022.6.11.14) of Spargine on November 14th, 2022, my open-source projects, and NuGet packages for .NET 6 & 7. I have added new classes, methods, benchmarks, and unit tests! I use these in all the projects I work on, including many in production!

Rockin’ the Code World: Special Guest Mark Rendle

Join me on Saturday, October 29nd, 2022 at 10:00 PST on C# Corner for show #69 where my special guest will be Mark Rendel, Software Engineering Consultant. I saw a session that Mark did at a recent conference that I liked so much that I invited him on the show. Don't miss this episode, you will want to hear what he has to share.