Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition

I'm excited to announce the 7th edition on my coding standards book for Microsoft .NET 5! This book is a compilation of common Microsoft .NET coding standards in use today. In the past, for languages like Visual Basic, Microsoft published coding standards in a single document that developers could follow or use as a basis … Continue reading Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition

Everything That Every .NET Developer Needs to Know About Disposable Types: Using Tools to Find Issues

In part 1 of this series of this article, I talked about that it is very critical for every developer to know exactly how memory management works in the .NET runtime. In part 2 I showed how to implement the IDisposable interface for your types. In this article, I am going to discuss how to find these issues in your code by using tools and Visual Studio extensions.

Serializing Objects Performance: XML Serialization

XML serialization has been around ever since .NET was released since it was so widely used back then. It’s still widely used, especially for legacy applications and services, even iTunes still uses XML to store library information. Benchmark results are for .NET 5 & 6.

Issues & Features Needed for Microsoft Office

I have been using Microsoft Office / 365 for all of my presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and more for decades. While I like it the best, there is a lot of room for improvement and like any software, it has issues. Below is my running list of these issues and features I think need to be … Continue reading Issues & Features Needed for Microsoft Office