Rock Your Technical Interview (2017)

I've just released a brand new version of my Rock Your Technical Interview conference session on video-on-demand. It's packed full of new tips for 2017! To see this session, live and in person click here to check out my conference schedule. Röck Yoür Technical Interview from David McCarter on Vimeo. Save 50% if you purchase … Continue reading Rock Your Technical Interview (2017)

Interviewing – Have an Awesome Resume Available

Going on an interview soon? The first thing you need to do is to create or update your resume. Below is an excerpt from my eBook titled “Rock Your Technical Interview”. I plan to write more articles on interviewing, so check back often. It is very important to keep your resume up to date. I … Continue reading Interviewing – Have an Awesome Resume Available

Performance: SortedDictionary vs Dictionary

Recently when I was analyzing a clients code base for performance, I found that they were using the collection SortedDictionary in many places in their projects. After looking on how they are using this collection type, I discovered that they really only needed  the collection sorted once. So I figured, that if would be better … Continue reading Performance: SortedDictionary vs Dictionary

If I Ran A Software Company – Part 1

I am sure most developers wished they could run a software company or development team in the hopes to do it better. I am one of these developers. I have lead teams before and even was Directory of Development for a short time at But, I have never run a software company, except for … Continue reading If I Ran A Software Company – Part 1

dotNetDave Rocks SoCal Code Camp in Los Angeles

For one last time, I will be rocking the geeks at SoCal Code Camp in Los Angeles on December 2nd - 3rd. It's always a great time with lots of great content. I will be doing the following sessions on the 2nd. Rock Your Code Quality Code quality starts with you, the developer. If you … Continue reading dotNetDave Rocks SoCal Code Camp in Los Angeles

Confessions of an Angry Programmer

Recently, after doing the keynote session on code quality at a conference in Denver, I received a comment from one of the attendees. He said my session was “too much angry coder”.  After receiving many great comments about the session, this one took me by surprise. I thought about it and commented back, via Twitter… … Continue reading Confessions of an Angry Programmer