dotNetDave Rocks The Raleigh .NET Conf Local

For the first time, the dotNetDave Rock The World Tour is hitting North Carolina at the Raleigh .NET Conf Local on October 28th, 2017. I'm excited to give my new session below. Rock Your .NET Core Best Practices In this sessions, you will learn how to apply .NET Framework best practices to .NET Core 2.0. [...]


Rock Your Development With A Real World Example

I've just released by brand new conference session "Rock Your Development With A Real World Example" on video-on-demand. This video is for you if you want to see how I implemented proper architecture in Microsoft Azure. To see this session, live and in person click here to check out my conference schedule. Rock Your Development [...]

Rock Your Technical Interview (2017)

I've just released a brand new version of my Rock Your Technical Interview conference session on video-on-demand. It's packed full of new tips for 2017! To see this session, live and in person click here to check out my conference schedule. Röck Yoür Technical Interview from David McCarter on Vimeo. Save 50% if you purchase [...]

Deleting Files With Events

While working on the dotNetTips Dev Cleaner utility, I wanted to make the deletion of files even faster. While writing this utility I found and worked on speed issues, almost all relating to updating the user interface. So to decouple the deleting from the UI I decided to add a new feature to the dotNetTips.Utility [...]

My Workflow Before I Submit Code Changes

For many years when speaking at conferences, I have shared my workflow on what I do before I submit code changes to source control. This article will explain it more in detail. I share this workflow because it makes sure that I rarely get bug tickets from quality assurance and hopefully it will for you [...]

Make Encapsulation Easy with dotNetTips.Utility

Encapsulation is the first pillar of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), yet most code that I see does not implement encapsulation correctly or not all. Like I say in many of my conference sessions "If you do not implement encapsulation, you aren't doing OOP!" I also say "Bad data in, bad data out!". Several years ago, [...]