dotNetDave Rocks the Code Quality Conference 2023

The dotNetDave For Those About to Code: Worldwide Tour will be at the virtual Code Quality Conference 2023 on June 2nd. Last year we had over 30K software engineers watch the conference and I hope you will watch it this year to learn how to rock your code to release quality applications and services that meet your user's needs.

Globalizing Strings in Microsoft .NET C# with the Multilingual App Toolkit

The .NET team has made it easy and seamless to globalize strings in C#. In this article, I will demonstrate how to do this and introduce you to the Multilingual App Toolkit, which makes string translation fast and cost-effective. It was so simple that I only needed a few hours (including my learning curve) to convert the Spargine Dev Tool to Danish, Hindi, and Spanish.

Spargine: Throwing Exceptions Made Easy in Microsoft .NET

Once, while inspecting the source code for Microsoft .NET, I came across the use of a common class to simplify the process of throwing exceptions. Inspired by this concept, I decided to implement a similar approach in Spargine's DotNetTips.Spargine.6.Core assembly, to make it easier for both myself and others to throw exceptions. In this article, I will outline the methods available in Spargine for throwing exceptions, accompanied by relevant examples.