Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition

I'm excited to announce the 7th edition of my coding standards book for Microsoft .NET! This book is a compilation of common Microsoft .NET coding standards in use today. In the past, for languages like Visual Basic, Microsoft published coding standards in a single document that developers could follow or use as a basis to … Continue reading Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition

Collection Performance: Processing Collections with Parallel.For() and Parallel.ForEach()

Since .NET 4.0, under the System.Threading.Tasks namespace, processing of collections can be sped up by using Parallel.For() and Parallel.ForEach(). These methods operate with thread-local data that runs in parallel. Both are easy to use and come with different options. This article shows you how to use these methods along with benchmark results.

Coding Faster with Spargine 6:  August 2022 Release

I am pleased to announce the new release (v2022.6.8.9) of Spargine on August 1st, 2022, my open-source projects, and NuGet packages for .NET 6. I have added new classes, methods, benchmarks, and unit tests! I use these in all the projects I work on including many that are in production! I hope you will check them out and let me know what you would like to see added.