dotNetDave Rocks SQL Saturday #611

I hope you will join me for SQL Saturday in Orange Country, California on April 1, 2017. I will be doing the session below.

Rock Your Technical Interview

Have you ever not gotten a job because you weren’t prepared for the interview? Would you like a big raise? Do you need motivation to rock your career? I’ve interviewed 100’s of software developers and will share my knowledge on how to survive, what we look for and even divulge some of the secrets we use during the process. Whether you are looking for a new position within your company or at a new company you need to attend this session. Included are crazy and strange interview stories from engineers just like you! Learn tips to get you started, working with recruiters, getting prepared, the technical interview and more. You will also learn what is the #1 question you need to ask during an interview… it’s a game changer!

Here’s What Attendees Are Saying About This Session

  • Chris S. – I wanted to thank you for your DVD on Technical Interviews. I attended your presentation at Desert Code Camp and purchased the DVD. Your guidance on how to handle technical and even non-technical questions gave me great support and confidence going into a round of interviews I had. That confidence translated into performance as I was able to receive attractive offers from multiple companies, and I was able to make an important move that has been a life-altering, exciting change for me.
  • Bill W. – Good information! I had forgotten to study the technical questions, did that this morning and I felt I aced my technical interview just now =) Thanks Dave!◦GO now!!! Dave is why I have the best job I have ever had!!!
  • Daniel I. – Great presentation because you made me realize that I’m not doing enough to better my career! You struck a chord when you said we should keep our resume up-to-date and on-hand at all times. Thanks for helping me realize something I should have been doing a long time ago. Your DVD is very helpful. The fact that you have hiring managers and recruiters giving interviewing tips is great. I’m glad I bought it!
  • Ken – Thanks for the great presentations – really enjoyed all your presentations at the code camp, learned a lot about interviewing and gained a lot of insight into how recruiting process works.
  • Stacy P. – An invaluable presentation for less experienced developers and a great review for senior developers that should know better.
  • Dennis M. – Great presentation, kept me awake and aware, things we often forget and ignore about preparations and you definitely covered that.

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Rock Your Microsoft .NET Coding Standards (2017)

I’ve released a brand new video of my conference session titled “Rock Your Microsoft .NET Coding Standards” on demand. This video has lots of new tips, tricks and guidance.

To see this session, live and in person click here to check out my conference schedule.

Rock Your Microsoft .NET Coding Standards from David McCarter on Vimeo.

Rock Your Development With A Real World Example

I’ve just released by brand new conference session “Rock Your Development With A Real World Example” on video-on-demand. This video is for you if you want to see how I implemented proper architecture in Microsoft Azure.

To see this session, live and in person click here to check out my conference schedule.

Rock Your Development With A Real World Example from David McCarter on Vimeo.

This session will demonstrate concepts in the first four parts of my series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer At A Time” with an real world app that attendees used during this session. This app that runs from the cloud (Azure) will show how I use proper architecture design along with coding standards, defensive programming by properly implementing OOP, logging of events and exceptions, code obfuscation, unit testing, strong naming and much more.  Even though code examples in this session are in .NET, the concepts can be applied to any language. This is part five in my series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer At A Time”.

Rock Your Technical Interview (2017)

I’ve just released a brand new version of my Rock Your Technical Interview conference session on video-on-demand. It’s packed full of new tips for 2017!

To see this session, live and in person click here to check out my conference schedule.

Röck Yoür Technical Interview from David McCarter on Vimeo.

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.NET Framework => Core: Getting The App Data Folder

This is the first in my series of blog posts that will describe major changes to coding if you are trying to convert from the .NET Framework to .NET Core.

First up, getting the folder the app should use to save data. In the .NET Framework it was really easy by doing the following:

public string AppDataFolder()
  var path = System.IO.Path.Combine(Environment.GetFolderPath(
  return path;

Unfortunately, not so easy or “built-in” in .NET Core. Here is the work around:

public static string AppDataFolder()
  var userPath = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable(
    RuntimeInformation.IsOSPlatform(OSPlatform.Windows) ? 
    "LOCALAPPDATA" : "Home");

  var assy = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetEntryAssembly();
  var companyName = assy.GetCustomAttributes<AssemblyCompanyAttribute>()
  var path = System.IO.Path.Combine(userPath, companyName.Company);

  return path;

Besides a lot more work just to get the data folder, I’d like to point out something new, the RuntimeInformation.IsOSPlatform method. Since Core supports multiple non-Windows OS’s, this is an important method to remember going forward.

More code like this can be found in my open-source project on GitHub: