Collection Performance: How Do You LINQ?

Way, way back in 2007, the Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) was introduced as part of .NET 3.5. Since LINQ was new, I spent some time learning how to create the most performant queries, especially for Entity Framework. I learned back then how the query is written can affect performance. In this article, I will show the most performant way to write queries for a collection of objects.

Serializing Objects Performance: XML Serialization

XML serialization has been around ever since .NET was released since it was so widely used back then. It’s still widely used, especially for legacy applications and services, even iTunes still uses XML to store library information. Benchmark results are for .NET 5 & 6.

Reference Type & Structure Performance: Normal vs Static Methods

Most of the code analysis tools, including tools from Microsoft, recommends creating static methods if possible, stating performance as one of the reasons. But are static methods more performant than normal non-static methods? This articles shows your which is more performant!