New Code Rules: Security Rules Placed on Software Engineer Environments Has Gotten OUt of Hand!

On show #36 of Rockin' the Code World with dotNetDave, I am ranting about all the security placed on software engineers and their work environments. As you can see from the poll below, over 50% of engineers are reporting that they are losing 6% to over 20% of productivity, daily! This has gotten out of hand!

Rockin’ The Code World (Anniversary Show) with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Join me live  for the one year anniversary show on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 at 10:00 PST on C# Corner Live for season 2, show #38 where I will interview Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant and Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

dotNetDave Says... Memory Affects Performance and Performance Effects Memory!

dotNetDave Says… Memory Affects Performance and Performance Effects Memory!

When architecting and wring code, performance and memory usage should always be something that needs to be addressed. Especially since so much is being moved to the cloud. Performance and memory usage done improperly can dramatically increase the cost of cloud services. If performance is slow, YOU WILL LOOSE CUSTOMERS!

New Code Rules: Listen to Your Users!

On show #32 of Rockin' the Code World with dotNetDave, I am discussing why some companies do not focus on what they offer in a new version of their software the truly addresses the users needs and issues. I've seen this at companies I work and and for much of the software I use, on a daily basis.