Code Quality: Formatting Classes in Microsoft .NET to Make Them Easy to Read and Modify

For the future of the project, it's important that class files are laid out in a way that they are easy to read and modify and do consistently. We do this to avoid “spaghetti code” that does not give developers a good feeling about the stability of the project. In this article, I will show exactly how I format code classes. In this article, I will show exactly how I format code classes by example.

Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft.NET

Today I am announcing the brand new edition of my book titled Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET, now available on Amazon. How fast your code executes is very important for your users and back-end server processes. This is even more important for the future as more and more users, use … Continue reading Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft.NET

Rock Your Code: XML Documentation of Code for Microsoft .NET

Have you ever had issues trying to figure out what the code is doing that you were tasked to work on? Is there any documentation for it? Do you need questions answered, but the original developer isn’t working at the company anymore? Well, there is an easy answer for .NET projects… XML documentation and code comments! These days, I’m beginning to think that documentation of code in Microsoft .NET is becoming a lost art. This is a bad trend that I will try to improve with this article. If you use good coding standards, most of the documentation I will talk about is simple to generate!

dotNetDave Rocks the Code Quality Conference 2022

The dotNetDave For Those About to Code: Worldwide Tour will be at the Code Quality Conference 2022 on August 19th. Last year we had over 72K software engineers watch the conference and I hope you will watch it this year to learn how to rock your code to release quality applications and services that meet your user's needs.