dotNetDave Rocks India (2018)

I'm very excited to speak at the C# Corner Conference this year on April 13th-15th with other great speakers like Mads Torgersen, Magnus Martensson and the #1 Indian speaker Pinal Dave. I had an awesome time last year and meet hundreds of awesome developers in India. I cant wait to see everyone and enjoy some … Continue reading dotNetDave Rocks India (2018)

My Workflow Before I Submit Code Changes

For many years when speaking at conferences, I have shared my workflow on what I do before I submit code changes to source control. This article will explain it more in detail. I share this workflow because it makes sure that I rarely get bug tickets from quality assurance and hopefully it will for you … Continue reading My Workflow Before I Submit Code Changes

dotNetDave Rocks Denver!

For the first time the dotNetDave Rock The World Tour hits Denver on June 23, 2017.  I will be doing the keynote at Denver DevDay. If you are in the area, I hope you will come check out my keynote and learn at the conference. Here is the topic of my keynote. Improving Code Quality... … Continue reading dotNetDave Rocks Denver!

Quality Of Software Is Getting Worse, Not Better, In 2017

For a number of years now the theme for all of my conference talks has been “Demand Quality In Software You Use, Demand Quality in Software You Write, Demand Quality In Yourself!”. My only goal with my sessions for the foreseeable future is all wrapped around this idea for these reasons… First, as a contractor, … Continue reading Quality Of Software Is Getting Worse, Not Better, In 2017

dotNetTips.Dev.Cleaner Utility

The dotNetTips.Dev.Cleaner is an app that will quickly remove temporary and cached files created by Visual Studio and SQL Server. The reason I created this app is because from time to time Visual Studio builds will error for some unexplained reason, especially after getting new source from source control. It's because these temporary and cached files … Continue reading dotNetTips.Dev.Cleaner Utility