Rockin’ the Code World: Special Guest Stephen Toub

Join me on Saturday, October 22h, 2022 at 10:00 PST on C# Corner for show #68 where my very special guest will be Stephen Toub, Partner Software Engineer @ Microsoft. I have been trying to get Stephen on the show since it started so I hope that you will enjoy our pre-recorded episode (since I will be recovering from my India trip).

Collection Performance: Processing Collections with Parallel.For() and Parallel.ForEach()

Since .NET 4.0, under the System.Threading.Tasks namespace, processing of collections can be sped up by using Parallel.For() and Parallel.ForEach(). These methods operate with thread-local data that runs in parallel. Both are easy to use and come with different options. This article shows you how to use these methods along with benchmark results.