We Must Demand Quality in Ourselves, the Software We Write, and In Apps We Use!

In this article, for the first time, I discuss three subjects; demand quality in apps you use, demand quality in yourself (improve skills to grow professionally), and finally demand quality in the apps you write. Demanding a certain level of quality in yourself as well as apps that you use and develop will ultimately result in important growth as a professional, resulting in higher-paying jobs.

Rockin’ The Code World (Anniversary Show) with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Join me live  for the one year anniversary show on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 at 10:00 PST on C# Corner Live for season 2, show #38 where I will interview Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant and Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

My Keynote from the Code Quality & Performance Conference – 2021

On June 18th, 2021 I gave the keynote speech titled "7 Important Requirements for Any Successful Project" at the Code Quality & Performance Conference hosted by C# Corner Live, which I also hosted. We had an amazing lineup of speakers and it was a big hit! My keynote summed up many of the topics that … Continue reading My Keynote from the Code Quality & Performance Conference – 2021