Code Quality: Formatting Classes in Microsoft .NET to Make Them Easy to Read and Modify

For the future of the project, it's important that class files are laid out in a way that they are easy to read and modify and do consistently. We do this to avoid “spaghetti code” that does not give developers a good feeling about the stability of the project. In this article, I will show exactly how I format code classes. In this article, I will show exactly how I format code classes by example.

Coding Faster with Spargine 6: November 2022 Release

I am pleased to announce the new release (v2022.6.11.14) of Spargine on November 14th, 2022, my open-source projects, and NuGet packages for .NET 6 & 7. I have added new classes, methods, benchmarks, and unit tests! I use these in all the projects I work on, including many in production!

dotNetDave Rocks the Code Quality Conference 2022

The dotNetDave For Those About to Code: Worldwide Tour will be at the Code Quality Conference 2022 on August 19th. Last year we had over 72K software engineers watch the conference and I hope you will watch it this year to learn how to rock your code to release quality applications and services that meet your user's needs.

Coding Faster with dotNetTips Spargine 6: Validating Data Made Easy

In this article, I’m going to discuss new extension methods and show examples for validating data. In much of the code we write, we validate the state of a variable. In many cases, we use this to change program flow. These methods that I will describe make this very easy along with some added features.

dotNetDave Says… Fixing Bugs Is Like Playing the Game Whack-A-Mole!

Let’s face it, no software engineers like fixing bugs in code. Since no software is perfect, they are going to happen. They are a fact of life for software engineers. Sometimes, it feels like we are playing the game Whack-A-Mole where no matter how many we fix, more will pop up.