What’s happening to the AJAX Control Toolkit?

I have been using the AJAX Control Toolkit ever since it was released and have really liked it. Microsoft released it to Open Source and now they have turned it over management to DevExpress. Look for a new release in 2015. Here is the blog post on the news: https://community.devexpress.com/blogs/aspnet/archive/2014/09/22/ajax-control-toolkit-devexpress-offer.aspx

Rock Your Technical Interview – Working With Recruiters Book Released!

Looking for a new job? Want a big raise? Want to rock your career? Then this book is for you. Why a book on technical interviewing? I’ve been interviewing engineers for over 20 years. I have also experienced all aspects of this subject being interviewed, interviewing candidates and even as a hiring manager. In this … Continue reading Rock Your Technical Interview – Working With Recruiters Book Released!

dotNetDave Explains… DVD Released!

This new DVD is packed full of over 25 videos about the .NET Framework. Everything from the CLR, CTS, base class libraries, types, compiling, memory management and more is explained in detail. This DVD will help you learn “the why” on how things work in the framework. This DVD is sponsored by Redgate. Save 10% … Continue reading dotNetDave Explains… DVD Released!

ComponentOne Announces David McCarter as C1 Influencer

October 23, 2013 by Russ Fustino We are very happy to announce the expansion of the C1 Influencer program at ComponentOne. C1 is extremely excited to announce our most recent Influencer, Microsoft MVP David McCarter. David McCarter is a software engineer/architect/consultant in San Diego. He is the editor-in-chief of http://www.dotNetTips.com  … a web site dedicated … Continue reading ComponentOne Announces David McCarter as C1 Influencer

Visual Studio 2013 Released

For developers and development teams, Visual Studio 2013  delivers applications across all Microsoft devices, cloud, desktop, server and game console platforms by providing a consistent development experience, hybrid collaboration options, and state-of-the-art tools, services, and resources. Below are just a few of the highlights in this release:   • Innovative features for greater developer productivity: Visual Studio 2013 … Continue reading Visual Studio 2013 Released

Entity Framework 6 Adding Lots of Great Features

After barely over a year after Entity Framework 5 was released, version 6 is adding a lot of new and awesome features. Here is what is being shipped: Runtime The following features work for models created with Code First or the EF Designer: Async Query and Save adds support for the task-based asynchronous patterns that were … Continue reading Entity Framework 6 Adding Lots of Great Features