Defensive Programming – Let Type Checking Work for You

Since I have been a speaker and a teacher, I have always stressed the importance of practicing proper object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques. If you don’t practice OOP, no matter what language you are using, I guarantee you will end up with a “house of cards” and they all eventually fall. The first “pillar” of OOP … Continue reading Defensive Programming – Let Type Checking Work for You

Speaking at the 2018 C# Corner Conference

On April 13th - 15th of 2018 I got to speak, for the second time, at the annual C# Corner Conference. This conference is one of my favorite to speak at mostly due to the developers in India being hungry for knowledge to help them improve their code and careers and the conference run by … Continue reading Speaking at the 2018 C# Corner Conference

5 Rules for Your Source Control Repository

I have been using source control programs for a very long time. I believe the first one was Visual Source Safe (don’t laugh, it was a painful experience). Early in my career and throughout I have learned many good practices that I still use to this day. I will share them with you now. If … Continue reading 5 Rules for Your Source Control Repository

Database Naming Standards for the Programmer

The info below is from my book “David McCarter’s .NET Coding Standards” Let us face it, in most companies that programmers work for, we end up doing database work. I do not agree with this since I think the DBA or BIA should handle database programming and we should stick to what we do best… … Continue reading Database Naming Standards for the Programmer

dotNetDave Rocks Mauritius (2018)

For the first time, I will be speaking at the MSCC Developers Conference in Mauritius on May 17th - 19th. I'm very excited about bringing my World Farewell Tour to this country and rock the geeks. I hope to see you there for some learning and fun (I will be bringing my guitar). I will … Continue reading dotNetDave Rocks Mauritius (2018)

dotNetTips.Utility Dev App

Today I am announcing my new app called dotNetTips.Utility Dev App. With this app I combined my previous dev cleaner and dev backup apps into one with more features coming soon. Clean Visual Studio & SQL Server Temp and Cached Files This feature will quickly remove temporary and cached files created by Visual Studio and … Continue reading dotNetTips.Utility Dev App

Bulletproof Disposable Types in .NET Core

Whenever I do code review on .NET projects, hands down the number one issue is developers not calling .Dispose() on disposable objects. Ever since .NET was released, I have been preaching how important this is. If not done properly, it’s most likely to create virtual memory issues that will eventually cause the application to stop … Continue reading Bulletproof Disposable Types in .NET Core