Coding Standards Survey (2016): How Can Code Quality Be Made Better?

This is the last question I ask in the survey. I know in my experience the answer is always getting buy in from management. While I hope that most developers care about code quality, management cares about feature, feature, feature. Here are what others are saying.

  • The ability of not using stupid variable names within functions.
  • Self-documenting code, which I haven’t seen where I have worked.
  • Total team buy-in of standards simple standards.
  • Better standards, better training, team meetings/training on coding standards.
  • Follow a standard of practice for clean code and good unit testing and integration testing case scenarios.
  • Smarter code analyzers and auto corrections, easier way to create your own code standard rules.
  • Consistent code reviews and pair programming.
  • Code isn’t looked at by another party enough. Even when it is, egos are huge in the development community. People think that “attacks” on their code might as well be attacks on their skills or person. Got to let that go.
  • Some of the old school programmers think they code perfect.
  • Regular peer reviews, training, company sponsored round tables.
  • Follow consistent design patterns where they are appropriate. Frequent peer reviews (e.g. on every change request).
  • Ensure you have a team of developers who care about their craft and who care about the product they are developing. There is an intangible yet distinct difference between a developer punching the clock, yet adhering to team coding standards; and a developer who truly cares about the work he/she is doing, and funnels that care and concern into creating the best solution he/she can.
  • To reflect upon the code that you are writing and ask “could this line/method/class be clearer/more efficient?” – continually. The SOLID principles – and all the other standards that exist – should be a tool in the mind of the reflective coder to help him or her judge what he or she has just written. These standards should not become yet another ideology – to be followed blindly to excess.
  • Learn, learn and learn more, never stop learning. Keep evolving. Practice by refactoring your own code.
  • Engage developers and develop culture of quality.
  • Teaching kids from the start when they are learning in school, that standards and comments are critical and if you can’t follow acceptable standards, don’t apply. I see students naming their variables so stupid, and they should get a grade based not only if the code works, but in general… Standards are practiced.

Note: I do grade my students on coding standards.

  • More time.
  • Industry wide standards

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