dotNetTips.Utility Open-Source Projects for .NET Core & .NET Standard

Almost since the beginning of Microsoft .NET, I have been putting much of the common code that I write that I share with anyone who wants to use it. First I shared them with others in the companies I worked at, then I started to use CodePlex and now I use GitHub and Azure DevOps. It’s grown through the years and now it includes a handful of project. These assemblies are also available on NuGet.

Now that .NET Core is gaining popularity, I have decided to move those projects to a new repository, away from the .NET Framework projects. I felt that there is just too much in the current dotNetTips.Utility repository. And, I doubt that someone wants to download the .NET Framework projects, if they really just want the .NET Core Projects.

Announcing the dotNetTips.Utility for .NET Core Repository

Starting now, you can go to this new repository by following this link: I have also been working on adding more unit tests and benchmark tests.

Current Assemblies

Below are the current assemblies that are available with a short description.

  • dotNetTips.Utility.Standard (v2.1): This is the main assembly which contains code for caching, generic and blocking collections, diagnostics, IO, logging, network, security, serialization, validation, web, xml and lots more.
  • dotNetTips.Utility.Standard Extensions (v2.1): All extension classes are in this assembly. Just some of them include extension methods for collections, date/ time, enumerations, exceptions, Guid’s, HttpRequests, Json serialization, math, numbers, objects, strings, threads, types, WebClient and more.
  • dotNetTips.Utility.Core.Windows (v3.0): This is the newest assembly that has code for dealing with the Windows registry and working with OneDrive (so far).

I have others in the works for Entity Framework Core, Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Below are the current stats for the projects:

  • 10,752 lines of code
  • 5,092 lines of comments
  • 3 assemblies
  • 89 files
  • 22 namespaces
  • 87 types
  • 337 methods
  • 114 properties
  • 3 events

Where to Get It

GitHub Repository:

NuGet Packages:

Benchmark Tests

Since I have been working on my new book for 2019 titled Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET, I have even been benchmarking the assemblies for performance measurements. You can find them here:

Looking for Submissions

I am always looking for code to put in the assemblies. If you have some to submit, you can do so with a pull request from GitHub or email me by using this form: I hope that you will help with this project!

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