New Software Trend… Quietly Removing Features

I am not sure what is going on with new releases of software in the last few years, but many companies like Microsoft, Apple and more are doing this more and more. As a user, this is frustrating. As a software engineer, it is making me scratch my head in wonderment and increases my frustrating [...]


Quality Of Software Is Getting Worse, Not Better, In 2017

For a number of years now the theme for all of my conference talks has been “Demand Quality In Software You Use, Demand Quality in Software You Write, Demand Quality In Yourself!”. My only goal with my sessions for the foreseeable future is all wrapped around this idea for these reasons… First, as a contractor, [...]

MVP Summit 2016 – My Issues For The Teams

This year will be the 10th year I have gone to Microsoft to attend the annual MVP Summit. This is the one conference I look forward to all year. My favorite part of the summit is to interact directly with the difference teams at the Microsoft campus because they really do listen to us... well [...]

Did You Know Most Speakers At Software Conferences Don’t Get Paid?

I have been speaking at software conferences since the 90’s. Since competition is pretty high at paid conferences, most I have spoken at are “community conferences” which are usually free or a very low-cost. One of the very first Silicon Valley Code Camps I spoke at (the largest in the world with over 2,500 attendees [...]

Politicians… Welcome to the Real World of Software Engineering

Politicians are all up in arms about the Obamacare website not working properly due to lack of testing. Testing? QA? In the real world, testing is one of the main tasks that shrinks to allow more time for development because we all know that development always takes longer than planned. This is unfortunately an issue [...]

Stupid Things Heard in Development Meetings

In this day of age of software engineering, I'm totally amazed how backwards companies do things. Here is a running list of things actually discussed/ said in design meetings I have sat it recently: We (C# programmers) have to spend 60 days writing a server install because our company InstallShield team takes too long to [...]