dotNetTips.Utility 3.5 R2 Released!

After lots new coding and refactoring, dotNetTips.Utility 3.5 R2 is finally released! This assembly is much of the common code I have been writing for the past 9+ years all wrapped up in a nice package and easy to use. Here is just some of what is in the new version:New ClassesEmailTraceListener - Send emails [...]

Convert RTF to Text

If you need to convert RTF to text, here is a simple way of doing it:    Public Shared Function ConvertRtfToText(ByVal input As String) As String      Dim returnValue As String = String.Empty      Using converter As New System.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox()        converter.Rtf = input        returnValue = converter.Text      End Using      Return returnValue    End Function Tip Submitted By: David McCarter This code [...]