How To Kill A Process

Do you need to kill (stop) a process running on Windows?


Fact of the Week: Bugs

In 1945 a computer at Harvard malfunctioned and Grace Hopper, who was working on the computer, investigated, found a moth in one of the circuits and removed it. Ever since, when something goes wrong with a computer, it is said to have a bug in it.

Adding Custom File Types To The Win95 Registry

What each File type has, is some information in the 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT' Registry Root. This is where we will place our little file type. In this little document, we will call our file type *.hyp and the File Name will be Test_File_Hype (you can't have spaces). Firstly you need to make an edit in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT … Continue reading Adding Custom File Types To The Win95 Registry