.NET Framework => Core: LINQ AsParallel

In the .NET Framework, if we wanted to process a loop on multiple cores, we simply added AsParallell to the end of the collection as seen below: var files = new List(); foreach (var directory in directories.AsParallel()) {   if (directory.Exists)   {     var foundFiles = directory.EnumerateFiles(searchPattern, searchOption);   lock (files)   {   [...]

dotNetTips.Utility 3.5 R2 Released!

After lots new coding and refactoring, dotNetTips.Utility 3.5 R2 is finally released! This assembly is much of the common code I have been writing for the past 9+ years all wrapped up in a nice package and easy to use. Here is just some of what is in the new version:New ClassesEmailTraceListener - Send emails [...]