Check To See If Process Is Already Running

Do you need to see if a process is already running? It's pretty easy with the code below. I wrote this code for my console apps .NET back utility and .NET file cleaner utility. ''' <summary> ''' Check to see if the current app is already running. ''' </summary> ''' <returns><c>true</c> if app is not running, <c>false</c>.</returns> Public [...]

Compress Files

There are a number of ways to compress things in .NET, but I found out that only the code below works for files. I wrote the code below for my console apps .NET back utility. Imports System.IO.Compression ''' <summary> ''' Compresses the file. ''' </summary> ''' <param name="sourceFileName">Name of the source file.</param> ''' <param name="destinationFileName">Name of [...]

dotNetTips.DevBackup Utility

The dotNetTips.DevBackup is a console tool that will quickly backup your Visual Studio code files. I wrote this app to backup source files before retrieving source from source control and at the end of the day. Note: It's recommended to close all instances of Visual Studio before running this app. This app will also stop [...]

dotNetTips.Dev.Cleaner Utility

The dotNetTips.Dev.Cleaner is an app that will quickly remove temporary and cached files created by Visual Studio and SQL Server. The reason I created this app is because from time to time Visual Studio builds will error for some unexplained reason, especially after getting new source from source control. It's because these temporary and cached files [...]

Make Disposing Objects Easier

As I talked about in my What’s the Purpose of the “using” Statement? post, disposing of your objects is very important in your application to prevent issues like virtual memory leaks. Equally important is as a developer of a type (class) that use any types that implements IDisposable, then your type must also implement IDisposable. [...]