Deleting Files With Events

While working on the dotNetTips Dev Cleaner utility, I wanted to make the deletion of files even faster. While writing this utility I found and worked on speed issues, almost all relating to updating the user interface. So to decouple the deleting from the UI I decided to add a new feature to the dotNetTips.Utility … Continue reading Deleting Files With Events

Make Encapsulation Easy with dotNetTips.Utility

Encapsulation is the first pillar of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), yet most code that I see does not implement encapsulation correctly or not all. Like I say in many of my conference sessions "If you do not implement encapsulation, you aren't doing OOP!" I also say "Bad data in, bad data out!". Several years ago, … Continue reading Make Encapsulation Easy with dotNetTips.Utility

Retrieve The Status of a Windows Service

Here is an easy way to get the status of a Windows service. Public Function ServiceStatus(serviceName As String) As  ServiceControllerStatus Dim service As ServiceController = LoadService(serviceName) If service IsNot Nothing Then Return service.Status Else Throw New InvalidOperationException("Service not  found.") End If End Function Private Function LoadService(serviceName As String) As ServiceController      Return ServiceController.GetServices().Where(Function(p) p.ServiceName = serviceName).FirstOrDefault() End Function Here are the values for service status: ContinuePending Paused PausePending Running StartPending Stopped StopPending This and lost  more code can be found in the … Continue reading Retrieve The Status of a Windows Service

Check To See If Process Is Already Running

Do you need to see if a process is already running? It's pretty easy with the code below. I wrote this code for my console apps .NET back utility and .NET file cleaner utility. ''' <summary> ''' Check to see if the current app is already running. ''' </summary> ''' <returns><c>true</c> if app is not running, <c>false</c>.</returns> Public … Continue reading Check To See If Process Is Already Running

Compress Files

There are a number of ways to compress things in .NET, but I found out that only the code below works for files. I wrote the code below for my console apps .NET back utility. Imports System.IO.Compression ''' <summary> ''' Compresses the file. ''' </summary> ''' <param name="sourceFileName">Name of the source file.</param> ''' <param name="destinationFileName">Name of … Continue reading Compress Files