MVP Releases Mobile Framework on CodePlex

MVP Chris Tacke has released the OpenNETCF.IoC Framework on CodePlex. The public-domain-licensed framework, provides both inversion of control and dependency injection for .NET Compact Framework applications (it can even be used on the desktop too). The current release ships with a real-world sample application, called Wi-Fi Survey, that can be used to survey a Wi-Fi … Continue reading MVP Releases Mobile Framework on CodePlex

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Books Online and Samples

SQL Server Compact 3.5 is a small footprint in-process database engine that allows developers to build robust applications for Windows Desktops and Mobile Devices. This download contains the Books Online and Samples for SQL Server Compact 3.5

SQL Server CE and Typed Datasets

I found out the hard way in the last two days that an SQL Server CE database does not work properly when creating a typed Dataset with a ASP.NET 3.5 application. Sure, you can create one in the IDE, but the code-on-the-fly will not be generated therefor you can't use it in your code. Actually … Continue reading SQL Server CE and Typed Datasets

Microsoft Previews Next Version of Windows CE Device Platform

SAN FRANCISCO -- March 29, 2004 -- Today at electronicaUSA with the Embedded Systems Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced a Technology Preview Kit for Windows® CE 5.0, previously code-named "Macallan." Leveraging extensive feedback from customers, the final version of Microsoft® Windows CE 5.0 will focus on increasing developer productivity through a variety of feature enhancements including … Continue reading Microsoft Previews Next Version of Windows CE Device Platform

Checking for Valid Currency Value

Unfortunately to do so, it must rely on an exception to detect a invalid value which is a little bit of a performance hit.public static bool IsCurrency(object value){ bool returnValue = false; try { double check = double.Parse(value.ToString(), NumberStyles.Currency, NumberFormatInfo.CurrentInfo); returnValue = true; } catch {} return returnValue;} I would excpect this code to work … Continue reading Checking for Valid Currency Value