Developer Productivity: What’s New in C# 6

In this video MVP and best-selling author Bill Wagner teams up with Microsoft Program Manager Anthony Green to explore auto property initializers, expression bodied members, null propagation operators, exception filters, string interpolation, and more. Find out how these new language features can make your C# development more efficient. And see how easy it is to … Continue reading Developer Productivity: What’s New in C# 6

TGIF Episode 2 – Visual Studio Analyze

In this episode I demonstrate the code analyzer in Visual Studio that all .NET developers must use to made sure they are writing bullet proof code. The Common Language Specification and Cyclomatic Complexity are also discussed. You can purchase the DVD mentioned in this episode at: You can purchase the book mentioned in this … Continue reading TGIF Episode 2 – Visual Studio Analyze

Lambdas & LINQ in C# Explained

Ever since LINQ and Lambdas were introduced in .NET I never looked back. I love them and it opened up coding to be simpler and better! At one company I worked at one of the "senior" developers said that he just could not wrap his head around LINQ. If you are new to LINQ and … Continue reading Lambdas & LINQ in C# Explained

Using Generic Constraints & Default

Here is a great video from one of my buddies, Jeremy Clark, on generic constraints and default: Here is an extension method I made from Jeremy's second example: public static T Max<T>(this T obj1, T obj2) where T : IComparable {     if obj1.CompareTo(obj2) >= 0 ? return obj1 : return obj2; }

dotNetDave Rocks Visual Studio Live! Orlando 2014

For the first time the  dotNetDave "Rock The Nation Tour" is coming to Visual Studio Live! in Orlando on November 17-24th! I hope you will attend my sessions below. Röck Yoür Cöde Using Code Contracts This session will introduce developers to the new powerful new feature that is part of the .NET 4.5 framework called … Continue reading dotNetDave Rocks Visual Studio Live! Orlando 2014