Free Microsoft E-Books

There are a lot of e-books that Microsoft has released for free! Check them out by going to:

Steal Roy Osherove's Latest Book

Someone leaked an illegal PDF copy of Roy Osherove's latest book "The Art of Unit Testing" online this week. So Roy has decided to fight back by not only linking to that same PDF to let you steal it, but also provide ways for your to purchase it (which you should do).... interesting. Check out … Continue reading Steal Roy Osherove's Latest Book

David McCarter’s .NET Coding Standards

The second edition of this book (formerly VSDN Tips & Tricks .NET Coding Standards), is a consolidation of many of the .NET coding standards available today in one easy to read and understand book. It will guide any level of programmer or development department to greater productivity by providing the tools needed to write consistent, maintainable … Continue reading David McCarter’s .NET Coding Standards