dotNetDave Says… Management Wants You To Teach Offshore Teams

There have been numerous times in my career where management comes to the team or an individual and asks them to “teach” an offshore team what they do for their job. In every case, management was planning to lay people off! So now, I caution teams that if this happens, start looking for a new job immediately!

dotNetDave Says 2020-OUTSOURCED@0.5x
One of these times, I was working at Mitchell International in San Diego, California. Management came to me and my team and said that I need to hold online meetings to teach for the other developers how the API system that I wrote works and to record these meetings. So, I did what I was told and held the meetings. Not long after that, the company laid off all software engineers at my level (the highest in the company) except for one. He left shortly afterward. Mitchell hired a VP for the team I was working on who was from India. It was clear to us, by his actions, that he wanted to lay off everyone so he could move all coding to India. This happened, unfortunately.

More recently, I was working on a contract for Verizon. About 6 months before I left, they started asking my team to again teach outsourced developers from India what they do. They “said” it was so they could help us out. This was not true, and they are right now laying off software engineers or moving them to other teams.

Now I always tell developers:

If management wants you to “teach” an outsourced team in a foreign country how your projects or systems work… start looking for a new job now! Your job is going away, soon!

Companies do this to save money, but I have never seen this personally work out. Either it costs more and/ or the projects go downhill. In many cases, the coding must be moved back to the company.

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