The Adventures of Inspector Cody: An Introduction

Inspector Cody is one of only five certified Super Coders in the world. He is the guardian of code quality and software engineers across the land and the leader of DAnon. DAnon is a non-profit that tries to stop dark forces from trying to prevent software teams from releasing high-quality projects that meet the user requirements and are on time.

Since he has been an expert software engineer for decades, he has seen it all from the Internet bubble bursting to the birth of the cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning just to name a few. He is the defender of code quality since it has been attacked repeatedly by those who do not understand software engineers or the software engineering process. They are only concerned about extreme profit, so they lose sight of their users.

Inspector Cody lives in Interopolis in his apartment on the top floor of Marriott Universal where his secret Code Cave is surrounded by a custom-made Faraday Cage to ensure complete privacy for the software projects he works on for top corporations around the world. He loves living at Marriott Universal since he has a 360-degree view of the city which is a sight to see at night. Since all the employees have signed an ironclad NDA, they ensure the apartment and Code Cave is always clean, especially after long nights of coding! Their restaurant is run by the top chef in Interopolis and can make any of his favorite food 100% gluten-free.

When corporations need his help, they type in the secret code into any computer connected to the internet through a fiber optic cable. Then instantly the screen changes to the Inspector Cody holographic logo and then the long-forgotten sound of a modem connecting to the internet can be heard. Pshhhkkkkkkrrrr​kakingkakingkakingtsh​chchchchchchchcch​*ding*ding*ding*. Then in a puff of bright red binary smoke, Inspector Cody appears in the room holding his hat and a drink in his hand and says, “How can I rock your code?” Though, if you summon him before 9 am or after 4 pm, his security system, located deep inside the secret Code Cave immediately blocks all computers in the company and will cost a lot in Codycoin to unlock.

It’s expensive to hire any of the Super Coders since there are only five of them. Inspector Cody’s standard fee per day is $5,256 plus expenses in Codycoin and all the gluten-free pizzas, Twinkies, and Cödy Jägerbomb’s he wants. His fee goes up depending on the code quality rating of the source. At the end of the contract at any corporation, they will also need to donate $25,000 in Codycoin to to further their work in promoting code quality in Interopolis.

He is always in extreme demand and can be found blowing off steam at the Technology Vinyl bar at Marriot Universal since they always play his favorite rock music! The Technology Vinyl bar has even fashioned a special drink named after him called the Cödy Jägerbomb, made to his precise specifications and comes in a collectible Inspector Cody pint glass. Happy hour starts at 4 pm every day and that is where you can always find him. Most days, you can find his sidekick, Captain Cookie there with him discussing technology, music, and the news of the day. Besides drinking Cödy Jägerbomb’s to relieve stress from the week, you can find Inspector Cody in his soundproof concert room playing one or more guitars from his collection and the volume of his three-amp system is always set to eleven!

He is a fellow at the Interopolis University and travels the world speaking at the top conferences bringing code quality and solutions along with real-world stories to millions of software engineers. On top of that, he runs the monthly meetings of DAnon held in a private multimedia room at the Vinyl Bar. Entry is not allowed unless you have the correct hash key!

The following real-world stories about software engineering will excite you, make you laugh, make you cry, and will reveal what happens at top software companies in Interopolis. So put a Cödy Jägerbomb in your hand, open a Twinkie and enjoy the ride!

This is a brief introduction to Inspector Cody. Future episodes will reveal more about him, including the secret code to summon him and his custom specifications for the Cödy Jägerbomb. You will also hear more about Captain Cookie, his trusted sidekick. Inspector Cody’s job is much simpler with her by his side. You will also learn more about Interopolis, the Technology Vinyl bar, and much, much more.

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