Visual Studio 2022 Issues/ Features Needed

There isn’t a perfect application ever released, and the same is true for Visual Studio 2022. There are a lot of great features in VS2022, but there are many issues or features needed too. So I decided to create a running list of the issues that I find or find frustrating. If any of these issues are fixed or improved, I will update this post.

Most of these issues/ suggestions I have posted in the Visual Studio Developer Community. Some of them have been moved to GitHub by the Visual Studio team. I hope you will go to the links to vote to ensure the team works on them sooner than later!

Code Analysis

  1. Any of the windows in VS that has the button “Keep Results” should be available even after restarting VS and the last location that was clicked in the results.
  2. When analyzing source code for issues, it would be really helpful if we could automatically add a TODO for issues that need to be fixed at a later date. For example, in the violation below, it could add a TODO like this:
    //TODO: Fix CS0618. ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings is obsolete: This method is obsolete, it has been replaced by System.Configuration.
  3. It would be really helpful when we are working on code and the analyzers find a violation, display those numbers and icons at the top of the Visual Studio toolbar. Would help us to know immediately that we have coded something incorrectly.


  1. It would be really helpful if an icon could be added to the top Visual Studio toolbar to alert us if there are NuGet updates pending or any that need to be consolidated. The reason is that the current solution I’m working on has 80 updates and 29 to consolidate! It seems no one knows there are updates in the team.


  1. TBA

Using Visual Studio


  1. TBA


  1. TBA


  1. TBA


Well, that is what I have so far. Here are some general suggestions of mine for the Visual Studio team:

  • Slow down the releases! It seems since you have gone too frequent updates (sometimes multiple per week) has, to me, lead to more issues.
  • A feature isn’t done until the tooling is done! Oh and the documentation!
  • Please get more Microsoft MVP’s (like me) involved in decision making for features BEFORE you start working on them, not at the end! Currently, the Visual Studio team holds zero MVP NDA meetings to discuss future features. I have never been contact by the Visual Studio team. I’m waiting! There are features in Visual Studio that are my idea and I’m ready to help even more! My passion is code quality features.

Have you found issues with Visual Studio 2022? If so, PLEASE make a comment below. I have reported many of these issues here:

I’m not getting a lot of help from Visual Studio support, but I keep trying!

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