New Code Rules: Onboarding Software Engineers

On show #33 of Rockin’ the Code World with dotNetDave, I am discussing why at some companies, it takes so long to get engineers onboarded so they can start coding and providing value to the company! I’ve seen this take one to two weeks! There has to be a better way! If it takes list long, what does that say about the company to the new engineer? They just might be looking for a new job if you are not careful.

Watch and let me know your comments below or Tweet them to @RockinCodeWorld or @realDotNetDave.

Call to Action

Here are my call to action for this episode. Watch this episode for full descriptions!

  • Have a computer or VM setup with everything the engineer needs, before they start!
  • Assign and “Engineering Embassador” the will hep the new engineer get up and running as fast as possible!
  • While I’m at it… STOP placing so much security on engineers since it dramatically affects our performance and delivering features. It’s gone too far!

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