Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Steve “ardalis” Smith

Register-Now-Round-Web-Button-With-PathJoin me live on Saturday, June 26th, 2021 at 10:00 PST on C# Corner Live for season 2, show #28 where I will interview Steve “ardalis” Smith, founder of NimblePros.

Send me your questions for Steve by tweeting it to @realDotNetDave and #RockinCodeWorld. You can also email your questions to:

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  • New Code Rules-Main@0.25xIntroduction
  • The Interview: Steve will include discussing:
    • Clean Architecture w/ASP.NET Core (vs. other approaches)
    • API Endpoints vs. traditional Controllers
    • Microservices
  • Prize Give-A-Way!
  • New Code Rules

Wrap up

I will also give away swag from C# Corner and everyone gets a free copy of CodeRush from DevExpress!

The interview: Steve “ardalis” Smith

Steve SmithSteve “ardalis” Smith is an entrepreneur and software architect, developer, and trainer. Steve’s firm NimblePros provides companies with the resources and training they need to deliver better software, faster, avoiding the trap of out-of-control technical debt. Steve has published many courses on Pluralsight, has written a number of books, and maintains dozens of NuGet packages. Find him online at or

Video from the Show

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