New Code Rules – Too Many Meetings!

In show #26 of Rockin’ the Code World with dotNetDave I am discussing,

“How does management expect productivity when software engineers are stuck in too many meetings?”. This really hurts productivity and ends up costing the company a lot of money!” 

Watch and let me know your comments below or Tweet them to @RockinCodeWorld or @realDotNetDave.

One story that I didn’t have time for was I worked for Mitchell International here in San Diego, California in the US. I had a heated argument with a manager when my “estimates” didn’t match the release date that was mandated on us (no input from the development team). I went to the whiteboard and listed everything I’m expected to do each day, such as:

  • Meetings
  • Mentoring
  • Unit Testing
  • And more!

I was left with 2 hours a day that I could actually code! So how do you expect quality work from developers running them this way? Makes no sense to me. There are a few more quick stories in the video.

CALL TO ACTION: Stop scheduling meetings for engineers unless they are absolutely necessary! And run them properly:

  • Insure All Stakeholders At Meeting
  • Make A Plan And Put In Calendar Invite
    • Stick To The Plan!
  • Meeting Notes!
  • Action Items!

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