Announcement for Upcoming dotNetDave World Tours

Dear event organizers and those I’ve helped in the past years,

We all have been dealing with a lot in 2020 due to the world-wide pandemic. Part of this has allowed me to reflect back the 26 years I have been speaking at events to help teach the “world to code”. One of the biggest joys I get in life is traveling the world to bring the latest software practices and career advise. The reason I do it is for you! In 2020, due to the pandemic, we have all had to quickly change to continue to do that with online virtual events and I have been doing a lot more writing too to fill in the gaps.

During the summer, I have been thinking a lot on how 2021 and the future will look and I am sure it will be different from now on… as we all find the “new” normal. My plan is to keep traveling the world as long as I can. With all that said, one thing that 2020 has shown me was the amount of time I put in submitting proposals to events, with the vast majority of them not accepting and how that affects me and an adverse way. This is very different from when I started speaking at conference.

When I started speaking at large events, those events asked me! Submitting proposals didn’t really becoming a thing until the early 2000’s. Maybe due to more engineers willing to speak, maybe there are more events, maybe both. Either way, it takes a lot of time for me to manage and keep track of the status of those events and proposals. I feel like I need an assistant, just to do that!

Starting today

Speaking in India at the C# Corner Conference

Starting today and for the foreseeable future, I’m going back to the past, meaning I won’t be submitting proposals to events anymore. So event organizers, if you want me to come speak in your city, not matter what country, you will need to contact me! As far as my followers, if you want me to come and speak, contact your local conference or even user group to have them make the request.

To make sure I am available, please go to this page: You can also see a list of current conference sessions I’m offering and their estimated length. Please choose one of those sessions or ask if I am working on any others. If your event is outside of southern California, there will be new rules on travel and expenses that I will send after you make the request.

I am also offering a paid 8 hours workshop on surviving the technical interview, which is one of my books. For more info go here:

I want to come visit you as long as I can still walk, so I hope you all understand, especially my followers. To request me to speak at your event, please use the form below. I hope you see you all soon!

Request dotnetDave!

Thanks in advance for your request to speak at your event!

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