Announcing New Version of the dotNetTips.Utility Assemblies and NuGet Packages!

Announcing version 2020.8.9 of the dotNetTips.Utility .NET Core assemblies. During the pandemic, I’ve been adding a lot more helper classes, extensions, and more. This version contains over 106 new methods and classes. There are also some breaking changes that I will describe below.

Go here for the repository:

Go here for the NuGet packages:

Updated Assemblies and NuGet Packages

Here is a list of the new assemblies and NuGet packages:

  1. dotNetTips.Utility.Core.Windows
  2. dotNetTips.Utility.Standard
  3. dotNetTips.Utility.Standard.Extensions
  4. dotNetTips.Utility.Standard.Tester

I’ve also added many more unit tests for the assemblies. There are still more I need to write so this is work in progress until I can catch up.

New Assembly and Breaking Changes

While working on this release, I was doing too much copy and paste, which I hate. If you find yourself doing that in your projects, then it’s time to break them out into a new reusable assembly. So I had to move some classes to a new assembly that can be used by all the other assemblies.

The new assembly is called dotNetTips.Utility.Standard.Common. The classes that I move are:

  1. LoggingHelper
  2. ArgumentInvalidException
  3. ArgumentReadOnlyException
  4. DirectoryNotFoundException
  5. LoggableException
  6. MessageNotQueuedException

If you using any of these types, please make sure to add this new NuGet package to your project.

Assembly Dependencies

I’ve created a new drawing to show the assembly dependencies.

Assembly Layout


If you would like to contribute to this project, please do! I especially need help with catching up with unit tests. I use all of these assemblies in my personal and work projects. I hope you will too!

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