dotNetDave Says… Coding Should Be The Least Part of Your Job

There is more to writing a great app than just sitting down and coding. If you are banging out code, most of the day, you are doing it wrong. Coding should be the least (minor) part of being a great software engineer.

dotNetDave Says... Coding should be the least part of your job. If you spend all day coding, you are doing it wrong!

Here are just a few of the other tasks that should be done before coding:

  • Requirements gathering/ feature documentation.
  • Design and architecture meetings and documentation.
  • Research into tools, frameworks and even third-party controls that could be used in the user interface.
  • Proof of concept projects.

Here are a few things that are done during or after coding:

  • Unit testing.
  • Update documentation.
  • Assist other departments like quality assurance.
  • Application memory and performance analysis.

I’d like to also point out that if you spend most of your time in meetings, you are also doing it wrong. I’ve worked at many companies who were “meeting happy” which ate into much of the time that could have been spent on the tasks above. This, of course, leads to missing deadlines and/or releasing a poor quality application.

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