The Done Kind Of Done with Nuri Halperin

Join us for Episode 3 of The Confessions of Angry Programmers podcast! In this episode David and Woody talk about:

  • Dogfooding: David revisits the Netflix app on Amazon Fire TV.
  • WTF Were They Thinking?: David discusses backward software practices.


We are joined by our guest Nuri Halperin. Nuri discusses the “The Done Kind Of Done”.

RAWConcurrency_960Nuri Halperin is a software architect and speaker. He helps companies develop scalable systems, websites, and business applications. He’s been turning projects into success stories for over 2 decades. Nuri specializes in Azure and MongoDB. He was founding CTO of online-dating pioneer building out the platform from scratch and propelling it from start-up to hugely profitable cash cow in the portfolio of the company. He architected and implemented multi-lingual, multinational portal for millions of members of a global nutrition company which is responsible for large share of company revenue. He’s been helping companies shift their practice to deliver value early by embracing DevOps, cloud, and agile methodologies.


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