dotNetDave Rocks NDC { Porto } 2020

2020 - No Applogies Tour1@0.5xFor the first time, the dotNetDave No Apologies World Tour will land in Porto, Portugal for the NDC {Porto} conference on April 21-24! I’m very excited to speak in Portugal for the first time so I can rock the geeks there! I will be presenting the session below.

Röck Yoür Cöde: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET


Code Performance Book.pngThe performance of code is always something that is very important. It’s even more important if your back-end apps are processing tens of thousands of requests per second. In this session, I will reveal the do’s and don’ts when it comes to improving code performance when writing business software. Some code I will show can be up to 98% faster! Reducing memory that your app uses is also very important and will be discussed in detail. All demos in this session work with .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Here is what attendees are saying about this session

Bob R. – David gave an excellent presentation on code performance. He showed us how, why, and to what degree various coding methods improved the performance of an application. Lots of tips and tricks!


  • Learn how to use .NET Core or .NET Framework for high-performance websites and back-end services.
  • Learn how performance affects memory and memory affects performance.
  • Learn how to use third-party products to find and fix performance and memory issues.

Help The Slum Kids In India

I will have copies of my latest book on Microsoft .NET code performance to sell at my session and at the conference. The cost is only $15 and ALL PROFIT will be donated at the end of the month to the Voice of Slum NGO in India that teaches, clothes and feeds the kids from the slums. I’ll even autograph it for you (especially if you pitch in more than $15)!


More Info

Check out my other conferences sessions by going here:

  • Please tweet your pics to #RockYourCode, I will include them in my video about my trip.
  • Submit your (food) recipes for my new book titled the Hello World Cookbook! All proceeds will be donated to the Voice of Slum in India.


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