New Book Release! Rock Your Code: Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET

Rock Your Code: Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET
Rock Your Code: Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET

Announcing the 6th edition of my coding standards book for Microsoft .NET! Newly updated for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Framework 4.8.

This book is a compilation of common Microsoft .NET coding standards in use today. In the past, for languages like Visual Basic, Microsoft published coding standards in a single document that developers could follow or use as a basis to build our own standards. Microsoft has not provided this with .NET. They have provided some standards on their document web site, but you would have to dig through many web pages, and there are little, or no examples provided.

Therefore, the purpose of this book is to consolidate the standards on the site, enhance them with additional standards and take guidance from Microsoft code checking programs like Visual Studio Analyze, FXCop and StyleCop. All code examples (in C# & VB.NET) are from real-world projects, most of it in production.

Code Shark - Sticker - 2020@0.5xThis 15th-anniversary edition covers an evolving set of standards that includes over 100 new pages! I’ve added brand new chapters on class design, application design, rules for source control, third-party applications and Visual Studio extensions (to analyze code for issues) and more! I use this book every day and I hope you will too.

By purchasing this book, you will be eligible to download a FREE licensed copy of CodeRush from, the only code refactoring tool that I use.


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