dotNetDave Says… Computers Are Dumb, Software Makes Them Intelligent

Yes, I said it, computers are dumb and I don’t state that because I write software. I say it because they only understand true (on) or false (off), like a light switch. Now they are very fast, doing millions of calculations per second. They can think faster than humans, but it’s the software that makes them think… makes them intelligent.

If you think about it, our brains are very similar. Every day we do thousands of binary choices, just like a computer. We store data, just like a computer. Not sure who wrote our software though! I’ll leave that to the science fiction writers.

Design for a steam powered computer in the 1800’s!

Back before I was a software engineer, I worked for a biotech company here in San Diego. We built a device that could sense the very faint electromagnetic waves put off by our brains. When I was there, a Chinese company purchased one and their goal was to build a computer that works more like our brains do. I never knew what came of that, but I found it interesting. Also, when I worked for that company, I went to a meeting at a hotel and the main speaker was a doctor from a top New York medical college that had one of our devices. He stated that humans did not come from monkeys since our brain waves move in opposite directions.

So the next time you are making a decision, think about that gray matter in your head as if it is just a super advanced bio-computer!

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