Rock Your Career: How 25 Years of Speaking has Helped My Career and More! (Recorded Live)

On July 2nd, 2019 I spoke at the San Diego .NET User Group. This was my actual 25th anniversary of speaking at user groups and conferences! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 25 years already… where has the time gone?

My motivation, even back then, was to help others coming up in the software engineering world. Now, as I reflect back, I can see how much speaking and teaching has dramatically helped my career and personal life. Speaking has even led to being recognized by the Microsoft MVP program as an expert in my field.

In this session, I discuss how I got started, how it led to writing books and training videos and how it led to speaking in multiple countries. Along the way, I will share stories and discuss how you can get started speaking or improve your speaking skills. This special anniversary session will feature four guest speakers ranging from one of my students to my best friend. Along with what I share, they will also share how they got started speaking and how it’s helped their career too.

Rock Your Career: How 25 Years of Speaking has Helped My Career and More! (Recorded Live) from David McCarter on Vimeo.

Below are the major segments for this 1 hour and 24 minute video along with when they appear. Just in case you want to skip to something you are interested in or want to see again.

Segment Time
When I started getting interested in programming. 2:18
How I started learning programming with Visual Basic 2.0 at General Atomics in San Diego, CA. 4:25
How I look at programming and what our job is as developers. 8:15
Landed my first full-time programming job in 1994 9:20
Started the San Diego Visual Basic User Group in 1994 which became the San Diego .NET Developers Group in 2002. 10:13
My first public talk in July 1994. 12:46
Started my website called VB Tips & Tricks in 1994. 15:15
Guest Speaker: Jonathan Bachelor – Full Stack Mob Programming Engineer 16:33
Speaking at my first conference and how scared I was. 19:25
Speaking at the programming class at Coronado High School and how rewarding the experience was. 21:35
Playing guitar and smashing it at the C# Corner Conference in India! 22:42
You should always be networking at conferences. 27:00
How I started writing books in 1997. 28:45
Guest Speaker: Hattan Shobokshi – Senior Software Engineer 31:00
My app getting reviewed by PC Magazine in 1995 and how this forced me to learn the entire software development life cycle, including dealing with customers, as a beginner. 46:30
Becoming a patented inventor while working on the first development team at during the internet bubble days. 51:40
Guest Speaker: Woody Zuill – Agile Guide 54:00
Becoming a Microsoft MVP in 2006. 1:08:15
Other awards and recognitions including a C# Corner MVP. 1:09:15
Teaching at the University of California San Diego. 1:10:20
Guest Speaker: Woody Pewitt – Architect/ Product Manager 1:11:00
Most all my friends are geeks, or musicians or both! 1:16:30
Dave’s Thursday Beer Night at Red Robin 1:17:40
Help when I really needed it in my personal life. 1:19:40
Summary: How speaking has greatly helped my career and personal life. 1:21:00
Start speaking in public now! 1:21:40

It’s a been a fun wild ride and I hope that this session will inspire you to speak in public, even if it’s only for your team at work. Hard work and patience will pay off!

Check out the podcast I did on this subject: Special Episode: How Speaking Can Help Your Career with David McCarter.

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