Help Support The Voice Of Slum In India

In April of 2019, while in India to speak at the C# Corner Conference, I along with two other speakers visited the Voice of Slum NGO in Delhi. We meet the two founders Chandni Khan and Dev Pratap Singh and they told us the story of how this organization was started. They are truly inspirational since they both are from the slums and they just want to give back and help other kids from the slums. They also told us stories about some of the kids that were heartbreaking. They told us about some of the kids they have helped in the past three years and how well they are doing now as adults.

Even though the founders have spoken at conferences, Ted talks, been in the news and more, they still need a lot of help to support the kids. For example, they had to stop vocational training that teaches women how to sew to support their families. I asked Chandi how much they would make a month after completing the course and she told me 15,000 rupees ($215). I then asked her what they need to start it up again. She said a teacher and about $150 a month.

code-performance-book-cover-2-5x-1All three of us want to help get the word out and support this great organization. I have decided that I want to help get their vocational training started up again. So, starting May 1st 2019, I will donate ALL profit from my latest book in print titled Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET to the Voice of Slum. So, if you want to learn how to get the best performance out of your code and help support these kids, please purchase one for yourself or one for each one of your team members by using one of these links depending on what country you are in:

If you purchase one and I come to your city to speak at a conference, I will be happy to autograph it for you. I will even throw in some dotNetDave swag like one of my custom guitar picks or a tour poster!

If you are in a country where my book isn’t available, Voice of Slum has lots of other ways to help like purchase school supplies or sponsor a kid for $30 a month and more. Visit their website to learn more.

I have also started a GoFundMe page to raise money too:


For each month that I raised money for the Voice of Slum, the amount will be listed here. My goal is $150 a month (so far has not been reached). Thanks in advance for your support!

  • May 2019 = $132: All sales came from the DotNetSouth.Tech conference that I spoke at on the 13th & 14th.
  • June 2019 = $19: From online sales.
  • July 2019 = $53: All were from sales at the San Diego .NET User Group.
  • September 2019 = $7
  • October 2019 = $215: $135 (from Desert Code Camp), $20 (other book sales), $60 from donations!
  • November 2019 = $70: Most sales came from setting books at the Granite State Code Camp.
  • December 2019 = $6.68
  • January 2020 = $7
  • February 2020 = $32
  • March 2020 = $7
  • April 2020 = $7
  • May 2020= $0 😦
  • June 2020= $0 😦
  • July 2020 = $0 😦
  • August 2020 = $26
  • September 2020 = $0 😦
  • October & November 2020 = $0 😦
  • December 2020 = $14.36
  • January – May 2021 =  $0 😦
  • June 2021: $13 *

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