Is There A Place For Old Developers On Young Development Teams?

Recently, one of my friends and fellow writer interviewed me for an article. Here is what he wrote about the interview:

David McCarter is a noted developer and Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional). Dave has written a number of books and published many videos about computer programming. His dotNetDave Explains YouTube series is a hit among .NET developers. Dave has been coding for a long time and has no intention of doing anything else. For him, it’s the challenge of continuous learning. According to Dave,

In any career I’ve done, I’ve always wanted to progress. If I’m not progressing, I’m not growing. The natural progression of a developer is beginner, intermediate, senior, and then maybe a lead and then maybe in to management. Since the early 2000s I’ve known this, but have purposely avoided going into management. I like coding too much. As soon as you go to management, you stop coding. The reason I like coding — and I’ve talked about this in my books and conference sessions — is that it’s like guitar playing. I can never learn every song. There’s always something new I can learn. Programming is the same way. This world changes everyday. Coding is a way for me to learn. And, as I’ve said many time, the day I stop learning is probably the day I die.

Dave is a example of a life lived in the pursuit of continuous learning. He’s influenced many over the years. Younger developers are following his lead.

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