dotNetDave Rocks India (2018)

I’m very excited to speak at the C# Corner Conference this year on April 13th-15th with other great speakers like Mads Torgersen, Magnus Martensson and the #1 Indian speaker Pinal Dave. I had an awesome time last year and meet hundreds of awesome developers in India. I cant wait to see everyone and enjoy some awesome Indian food!

gc-grapecityA very big thanks to GrapeCity for providing travel accommodations for this trip. Please tweet them to thank them!!

On The Road To India

This year I’m releasing a series of videos to get ready for the conference. I hope you will enjoy them.


I am presenting two brand new sessions. I hope you will attend.

Röck Yoür Technical Interview

Friday April 13th @ 8am

Have you ever not gotten a job because you weren’t prepared for the interview? Would you like a big raise? Do you need motivation to rock your career? I’ve interviewed 100’s of software developers and will share my knowledge on how to survive, what we look for and even divulge some of the secrets we use during the process. Whether you are looking for a new position within your company or at a new company you need to attend this session. Included are crazy and strange interview stories from engineers just like you! Learn tips to get you started, working with recruiters, getting prepared, the technical interview and more. You will also learn what is the #1 question you need to ask during an interview… it’s a game changer!

Röck Yoür .NET Code Performance

Saturday April 14th @ 5pm

The performance of code is always something that is very important. Even more important if your back-end apps are processing tens of thousands of requests per second. In this session I will reveal the do’s and don’ts when it comes to improving code performance. Reducing memory that your app uses is also very important and will be discussed in detail. The demos in this session will work in the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Introduction to Xamarin

Sunday April 15th @ 2:30pm

Since Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft in 2016, the platform has become much more available and approachable. In this talk we’ll examine the history of Mono and Xamarin, how Xamarin works, the differences between the various Xamarin platforms (Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, etc.), and why you might use one over the other.

More Info

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Can’t wait to see everyone in India!