Interviewee => Recruiter Tip #8: Learn How To Create Calendar Invites

I don’t know about you, but if something is not on my calendar, there is a very good chance it won’t happen. I’ve been learning this time around that most recruiters do not know how to make calendar events for their candidates. If a recruiter sets up a call with the candidate or a phone/ in-person interview, then I think they should send a calendar invite so it’s on their and the candidates calendar. If there is a conflict with the day or time the candidate can simply request a better time (through Outlook at least).

Calendar invites for an interview, it should include these items:

  • Address of the company including a map link to the exact building.
  • Names of all the interviewers and links to their LinkedIn profile.
  • Link to the company website including any specific reading the candidate should do.
  • Detailed description of the interview process (programming tests, written or online tests etc.)
  • Any other important information the candidate should know before going to the interview.

As I say in all of my Rock Your Technical Interview conference sessions, if your recruiter does not do this “find another one”.

If you have any suggestions on this tip, please make a comment below.