dotNetDave Rocks The L.A. .NET Developers Group

For the first time I will be speaking at the Los Angeles .NET Developers Group on July 11th. If you live in the area, I hope you will attend. Below is the session that I will be doing.

Röck Yoür .NET Coding Standards

This session will guide any level of programmer to greater productivity by providing the information needed to write consistent, maintainable code. Learn about common coding mistakes, code style, application setup, writing better types and much, much more. Code tips are included to help you write better, error free applications. Lots of code examples in C# and VB.NET. This session is based on my latest book, David McCarter’s .NET Coding Standards. After attending this session, you will be a Code Shark™ just like me! This is part one in my series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer At A Time”. Note: Even though code examples in this session are in .NET, the concepts can be applied to any language.

Please take my Coding Standards Survey before attending this session (you could win a free copy of my Rock Your Code DVD).

You can purchase a DVD for this session (sponsored by ComponentOne) for only $15 (credit cards accepted) or purchase online by clicking here.

Check out the Coding Standards For The Real World webcast I did for