Coding Standards Survey (2016): Productivity Tools

To boost developer productivity, it’s very important for any team to provide good quality applications to help make following coding standards easier. This will also lead to better code quality and happier users.

The refactoring tool ReSharper from JetBrains is leading the pack. While ReSharper is the number one .NET code refactoring tool, it’s not a full-fledged code analysis tool like Visual Studio Analyze or CodeIt.Right. So if you are using ReSharper or CodeRush from DevExpress, it’s also very important to use a analysis tool in addition to a refactoring tool.


What worries me the most about these results is that over 28% of companies do not provide any tools at all. This blows my mind. At most of the companies I have worked for they do not provide any tools. Since I do have these tools regardless of what the company provides, I’m usually the only developer in the team properly refactoring code, analyzing code etc.

To give an example on how much money a company can save, has a ROI calculator on their site to show how much purchasing CodeIt.Right for the team can end up saving the company. If your team has five developers averaging $80K in salary and if they perform five reviews per week averaging one hour in length, using CodeIt.Right could save the company $48K annually.

If your team uses the auto-correction feature of CodeIt.Right it could save the company an additional $48K annually! You can plug-in your own team’s values by going to: Take the results to your boss and hopefully they will purchase this tool right away. If they don’t, find a new place to work!

Of course this one tool would save the company much more money by providing higher quality code to the end user.

To see more results, go to the first post in this series.

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