Lambdas & LINQ in C# Explained

Ever since LINQ and Lambdas were introduced in .NET I never looked back. I love them and it opened up coding to be simpler and better! At one company I worked at one of the “senior” developers said that he just could not wrap his head around LINQ.

If you are new to LINQ and Lambdas or have trouble understanding them, then check out this video series from my Microsoft MVP friend Jeremy Clark. This series will help you understand LINQ and Lambdas since Jeremy explains it so well.

2 thoughts on “Lambdas & LINQ in C# Explained

  1. My difficulty with learning about lambda expressions came from the fact that I did not understand extension properties. I’ve never used extension properties because I have never had a problem for which extension properties would be a natural solution. Here’s another revelation: LINQ is essentially a set of extension properties. Until I understood this, the whole thing was essentially opaque.

    The challenge I continually have is discovering what I didn’t know I don’t know so I can learn what I need to know. Once I had the basics of extension properties, lambda expressions were suddenly within reach. The problem was that time and again I would try to comprehend an explanation of lambda expressions and be bewildered because the explanations assumed one already understood extension properties. Discovering this missing piece was made elusive by this tacit assumption – e.g. nowhere did I read, nor was I told directly: “In order to comprehend lambda expressions, you must first fully understand anonymous methods and extension properties.”

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