dotNetDave Rocks IT/ Dev Connections 2015

I’ll be speaking at IT/Dev Connections for the second year in a row. It will be held in Vegas again on September 14th – 17th. I hope you will attend my session below.

Röck Yoür Apps With => 10 Things You Probably Aren’t Doing ™

9/15 – Room: Bristlecone 10

This session will go over 10+ things that I see developers not doing in their applications to make them robust, easily changed (feature, feature, future) and free from errors. What are they? Well you will need to attend this session to find out. You are guaranteed to learn a lot in this session!

You can purchase a DVD for this session (sponsored by ComponentOne) for only $15 (credit cards accepted) or purchase online by clicking here.

Shop the "Rock The Nation Tour" store by clicking here. 
Anyone seen wearing a t-shirt from the store will win 
some geeky swag!

All slides and videos can be found here: and on YouTube.

Special User Group Meeting

On Tuesday the 15th, join me at the local .NET User Group. I will be doing my
Rock Your Code Using Code Contracts session.