Why You Need Source Control

I once interviewed for a company that has 90% market share of the check scanning software used in mobile phones. The interview was with the CTO and towards the end I asked him what they use for source control. He said “we don’t have source control”. I could not believe my ears. I was dumbfounded. Needless to say that was a big red flag to me and I did not want to pursue a position there.

I’m also always amazed how hard companies make it on themselves by using crappy source control systems like the open source ones. If you are mostly a department that uses Visual Studio, why not just use TFS? The online version is FREE? It just works! I don’t think many companies realize how much time and money are wasted on crappy source control systems.

Here is a great blog post written by Kevin Griffin on this subject: The Non-Techie Guide to Source Control


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