dotNetDave Rocks Florida Tour

Rock Florida TourFirst stop for the Rock The Nation tour will be Florida! Starting on February 17th it will hit the following cities:

If you live in or near these cities, I hope you will attend. I’m going to rock your code and career!

Please take the How Do You Find A Job survey and the Coding Standards survey before attending these sessions (you could win a free copy of my Rock Your Code DVD or Rock Your Interview DVD).

You can purchase at any session DVDs for these sessions (sponsored by ComponentOne & AbleForce) for only $15 or both for $25 (credit cards accepted) or purchase online by clicking here.

Shop the "Rock The Nation Tour" store by clicking here. Anyone seen 
wearing a t-shirt from the store will win some geeky swag!

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All slides and videos can be found here: and on YouTube.

Wear your favorite concert t-shirt to my sessions and be in the running to win free software!