Recruiters, Read This If You Want To Work With Me

I have been doing my “Rock Your Technical Interview” session since 2010. One of the questions I always get asked during the session is how to find a good recruiter. This is a hard question to answer. This year I decided to add some tips to my conference session. Here is the #1 tip.

Recruiters Must Meet You!

This is my number one suggestion on how to identify a good recruiter that wants to place the right person in the right job. Meeting someone in person is much different from reading resumes, reading your profile on LinkedIn or even over the phone. I feel strongly that a recruiter cannot truly get to know you and what you are looking for if they don’t meet you first.

If a recruiter that you have not worked with sends you an email or gives you a call stating that they have the perfect job for you, ignore them! This is my new rule. They should send you an email or call to meet you first. I usually get them to take me to P.F. Chang’s. Sure, I want a free lunch, but it’s all just part of having them to get to know you. Alternatives could be grabbing  coffee or meeting at a user group meeting.

I once had a recruiter emailing me about a position. I would email her back asking if we could meet for lunch (P.F. Chang’s of course). She always had an excuse on why she couldn’t, usually she did not have enough time. Well, if she did not have time to meet me for lunch then I highly doubt she had any time to place me in the right position. I just stopped responding to her emails and she finally stopped.

Also, I regularly have lunch or coffee with recruiters even if I have a job. This is just a way to keep the relationship going. Life changes and so might your goals in your career. It’s important to keep in touch.

I have many more tips that can be found on my Rock Your Technical Interview DVD or in the new book Rock Your Technical Interview book. Let me know if this works for you or you have and methods to find the right recruiter for you.

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