Are You Ready For The Technical Interview?

The job market is heating up for developers. Actually, I spoke with a recruiter yesterday and she told me they have lots of positions and not enough candidates to fill them. This is good news if you are looking for a new position. Also, if you want a big raise, the only way this will happen is by changing jobs.

So, are you ready for the technical interview? This is the most important part of the interview process for a software engineer or other technical position. In the past 20+ years, I have interviewed 100’s of software engineers, DBA’s, business intelligence positions and managers. I can say with confidence that most do not get hired because they fail the technical interview. Of course there could be other reasons, but the reason this happens is simply not being prepared. At my last company, the technical interview (performed by me) was the first thing we did with candidates. If they did not make it through this part of the process, they were sent home.

So how do you get prepared? Simply follow the steps below especially if you have not interviewed in a long time.

  1. Purchase my Rock Your Technical Interview book. This book is packed full of everything I talk about in my conference session and more. It’s a must to succeed at the technical interview.
  2. Watch my “Rock Your Technical Interview” conference session that I have been doing in front of thousands of engineers for two years.
  3. Purchase my “dotNetDave Conference DVD“. Not only does this dual-layer DVD have the video mentioned above, but most importantly it contains hundreds of questions for Microsoft .NET, DBA’s and others we use to understand your analytical thinking.
  4. Have a good, up to date resume to present to employers. As I mention in my conference session, employers are looking for specific things (mostly on the first page) and if you don’t that these things, it will go into the circular bin! To make sure you have an awesome resume, I am available to review it for you for only $35. Please contact me by clicking here.
  5. Lastly, the best way to be prepared for the technical interview is to practice. To this end, I am available to perform a “mock” interview that will go a long way to getting that job you desire. I will provide feedback and it can even include video if you want. Prices start at $75. If you are interested, please contact me by clicking here.

I recently had a friend go to a technical interview without preparing at all, which he failed. Before the next interview he did steps 1-3 above an aced it! This is what he said:

Good information! I had forgotten to study the technical questions, did that this morning and I felt I aced my technical interview just now =) Thanks Dave!

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