Interviewing Questions to Ask Employers (Technical)

As I discuss during my “How to Survive the Technical Interview” conference session, it’s very important to ask the interviewer questions. This is not only for your information, but to show interest in the position and company you are interviewing at.

Here is a list of technical questions that I ask during my job interview:

  1. What is the current stats on computers provided to developers (include number of monitors)?
    1. What is the “official” company policy to replace developer’s computer with a new one?
  2. Are programmers provided refactoring tools such as Refactor Pro! or Resharper?
  3. Do you have established process to review/ validate application performance?
  4. Do you have coding standards?
    1. Who is in charge of coding standards?
  5. Do you perform code reviews?
    1. Who performs them?
  6. How are project timelines managed?  In a case where quality and timeline are subject to breaking, what wins.
  7. Is Visual Studio Team Systems “Analyzer” or FXCop Used?
  8. What do you use for source control?
  9. What is the company standard database server platform?
  10. What is your process for migrating to newer versions of Visual Studio and .NET?  When and why do you make the move forward?
  11. What is your production release process?
  12. What is your ratio of DBA’s to Developers?
  13. What is your ratio of QA personal to Developers?

For more info, please check out the slides or video on this session.

To purchase a high-quality version of this video including dotNetDave’s .NET Interview Questions on DVD, please click here.

What questions do you ask? Please let us know via comments below.


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