Fundamentals of the .NET Framework class at UCSD (Spring 2012)

Starting on Wednesday May 2nd, I will be teaching my Fundamentals of the .NET Framework class at UCSD. Here is the official description:

Visual Studio and the .NET Framework both provide tools that yield an overall increase in productivity for developers. Still, the avalanche of technologies today can seem overwhelming. The goal of this class is to teach students about the various technologies available to .NET developers, to learn the value proposition of each, and to compare and contrast technologies where appropriate. We’ll cover language and platform trends, data access technologies, Windows and web development, middle-tier and service-oriented technologies, federated identity, and cloud computing. Students will leave this class with a well-rounded, high-level understanding of the power of the .NET Framework, the architectural possibilities for solutions, and the appropriate place for each technology within those solutions.

I call this class my 6 week mind meld about the .NET Framework! This class is geared to not only developers from any language, but also non-developers like managers, PM’s, QA and more. Even had a HR employee from a company take the class!

This class is a pure lecture class! There is no homework (only online reading and video), no assignments and no labs! The final consists of 4 multiple choice questions with one extra credit question. NO ONE has gotten a grade lower than a B in this class unless they missed two or more nights.

For more info and to register, please go to:

Hope to see you there!

PLEASE forward this post to anyone you thing might be interested in the class.