See All of Your Code!

No matter how big your screen resolution is, it seems we write a line of code wider than the width of the code editor window in Visual Studio. One solution is to break up your line using carriage returns (now works without the “_” character in VB.NET too). This issue with this is that every software engineer in your team might break it differently (depending on the size of their screen), and then you might be left with too many breaks that can make it harder to read.

The image below shows code running off to the right and kicks in the left to right scrolling.

This can easily be fixed by turning on word wrap! Simply go to Options-Text Editor-All Languages.

Then check “Word Wrap” and “Show visual glyphs for word wrap”. This will wrap all your code in all of your projects as seen below:

Getting use to looking at code this way does take a few days of adjustment. Hopefully VS will do more intelligent wrapping in the future.

Tip By: David McCarter