Los Angeles Code Camp 2010

Code camp 2010
I hope everyone in southern California is planning to attend this years SoCal Code Camp in Los Angeles on 10/23 – 10/24. It’s always a great time and lots of free training!

I will be presenting the following sessions and I hope you will attend.

Back-2-Basics: Exception & Event Instrumentation in .NET

This session will instruct any level of programmer on how to easily use tracing that is built into .NET to log and analyze Exceptions and events that occur during application runtime. This is invaluable to fix bugs that only happen while the application is running. .NET TraceListeners will be discussed in detail along with how to write your own custom TraceListeners. I will also discuss and provide code for my centralized exception/ event logging system that allows applications at customer sites or on multiple servers to log to central database. Developers or technical support personal can then view these entries via an ASP.NET web site.. Note: You must be present to receive code for this presentation. Free USB thumb drive for everyone (while supply lasts)!

Back-2-Basics: .NET Coding Standards For The Real World

This session will guide any level of programmer to greater productivity by providing the information needed to write consistent, maintainable code. Learn about project setup, assembly layout, code style, defensive programming and much, much more. We will even go over some real in production code and see what the programmer did wrong in “What’s Wrong With this Code?”. Code tips are included to help you write better, error free applications. Lots of code examples in C# and VB.NET.

Building nTier Applications with Entity Framework Services (Part 1)

Learn how to build real world nTier applications with the new Entity Framework and related services. With this new technology built into .NET, you can easily wrap an object model around your database and have all the data access automatically generated or use your own stored procedures and views. The session will demonstrate how to create and consume these new technologies from the ground up and focus on database modeling including views and stored procedures along with coding against the model via LINQ. Dynamic data website will also be demonstrated. Lots of code! Make sure to attend Part 2.

Building nTier Applications with Entity Framework Services (Part 2)

Learn how to build real world nTier applications with the new Entity Framework and related services. Make sure to attend Part 1.  This second part to the series will focus on using the Entity Framework in an nTier/ SOA world by separating out the different layers using T4 templates and using the new WCF Data Services to easily expose entity models via REST and to Silverlight clients. Lots of code!

All slides and videos can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/dotNetDave

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