Why I Love Being a Microsoft MVP: Reason 1

There are many reasons why I love being in the Microsoft MVP program and today I’d like to share what I think is actually my second favorite one. I have been trying to track down, for most of the week, a major issue we have been having with a Windows service we wrote here at work with .NET 3.5. The symptom is that the private memory set would keep going up and the service would eventually crash. Using the DebugDiag tool from Microsoft (I now love this tool!) I found out it was coming from the unmanaged part of the mscorlib and the XmlSerilizer. The issue came into the forefront when logging code was being called from multiple threads.

After days of trying different things to overcome this issue, I finally turned to my MVP list (list server) and posted the problem along with the error and stack trace. In less than 1 1/2 hours I received an email from someone within Microsoft providing feedback. That feedback along with other emails from my fellow MVP’s lead me to find the solution and we are currently moving it to our development servers for testing!

To me, it’s awesome to have Microsoft’s ear when help is needed in a hurry or I just have a question. I often receive input from Microsoft people actually on the different product teams like Entity Framework and WCF Data Services.

For more on the MVP program go to: http://mvp.support.microsoft.com/

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